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The Perfect Party People

The Family's favourite party entertainers

Bar/BatMitzvah Entertainment

Close-up Magician

Bar/BatMitzvah Entertainment

Close-up Magician

Close up magicians are a great way to get your guests in the party spirit - with their mix and mingle comedy - close-up magic - versatile humour and appropriate balloon modelling - your function is sure to be a great success!

Bar/BatMitzvah entertainment is one of our specialities,

Keeping the children entertained isn't easy, but our unique close-up magicial entertainers are a great way of entertaining at the childrens tables, as well as the adults.

Papalarny can arrive for the reception and entertain the children and adult's with his unique style of close-up magic.

During the course of the evening, Papalarny will concentrate on entertaining the at childrens tables with his close-up magic, balloon modelling for the younger guests and he brings his collection of metal puzzles for the children to try and solve.

During the speeches, Papalarny remains with the children to ensure that their chatter is kept to a minimum.

Once again, while the dancing between courses takes place, Papalarny keeps a close eye on any children not participating, he then entertains these children to keep them occupied.

He would then leave the function during the final speeches.

Close-up Magicians

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