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Pump-up your party

For an extra £25 you can Pump-up your party. This allows all the children to receive a going-home gift of their choice. *.

If you opt for the above offer, every child will receive a quality toy at the end of the party.

The children will be able to choose their own toy from the entertainers suitcase, bag or treasure trove.

There is a two-fold advantage to this offer:

Every child will leave the party happy and triumphant and there is no need for you to supply going home gifts (saving you time and money)

* offer applies to 90 minute and two hour parties only

* up to a maximum of 30 children ( extra gifts are charged at £1 each on the day )

* "Pump-up" cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer

* Please check that your entertainer is participating in this offer

Pump-up your party
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